The godfather of the party! Unfolded with uncanny conditions before flamingos

02 May

Media famous for the unfolding perfume Ronaldinho, legendary Barcelona. Be clear when ordering Flamengo to attach "nighttime" conditions two nights a week if they want to sign a contract with him. And this hometown club event is pleased, no problem Causing both parties to work together B-Sport, a famous French media, has revealed that legendary Ronaldinho ordered the famous flamenco club in Brazil. Must include the "Night Club Claus" proposal or the "Night Club Tour Conditions" in the contract.The legend of the Brazilian general. Signed a contract with Flamenco in 2011 after spending 3 seasons with the "Red Devils" AC Milan. By that time, "Dinho" clearly showed that he wanted to attach the strange conditions. And if the famous team in their hometown disagree The team move does not occur.The said condition in the contract is to allow Ronaldinho to go out for a night club party 2 nights a week, and Flamenco does not have a problem with this either. The two sides finally worked together. Former star Barcelona Performing with impressive 19 goals and 13 assists in a 1 year play for Flamengo, the former 40-year-old player is still being held in a hotel in Paraguay. To prepare to go to court for the trial of forging a passport into the country

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